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Meghan Markle Is Taking Her Pregnancy Into Her Own Hands

The royal couple’s decision to keep their pregnancy private is part of their broader strategy to control their own public narrative — media be damned.

Sandi Rankaduwa 6 months ago

How "Armageddon" Became The Ultimate Disaster Movie (In More Ways Than One)

The logic-defying apocalypse movie — made at a time before we were worried about the actual apocalypse — was panned 20 years ago. Now, it’s a classic.

Sandi Rankaduwa One year ago

How Mister Rogers Taught Us To Take Care Of Ourselves

Even though we’re not kids anymore, we still need to hear — now more than ever — that our lives have value, and that we’re lovable as we are.

Sandi Rankaduwa One year ago

The Boy Band Is Back

Refreshingly diverse all-male musical groups like PrettyMuch and Brockhampton are expanding what it means to be an American boy band.

Sandi Rankaduwa One year ago

How "Dawson’s Creek" Paved The Way For Teen TV

The drama took teenagers seriously, becoming a safe and beloved stopover on the way to adulthood.

Sandi Rankaduwa One year ago

Cardi B Is Rap’s Dolly Parton

Both women are talented artists who are savvy about the ways their appearance is constructed and take pride in their oft-maligned subcultures.

Sandi Rankaduwa One year ago

My Brown Mom Isn't Like The Ones I See Onscreen

It was disorienting to realize that I had reached adulthood without really getting to know my own mother. But over a year I spent at home after a bad breakup, I began to see her more clearly.

Sandi Rankaduwa One year ago

Meghan Markle Is The Future Of A Monarchy With Racist Baggage

The significance of the biracial actor's upcoming marriage into the British royal family may be purely symbolic, but after centuries of white supremacy and colonial tyranny, it's still a sign of progress.

Sandi Rankaduwa One year ago

Why Cardi B Topping The Pop Chart Matters

Of the 1,067 singles that have reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 since the chart’s creation in 1958, fewer than 75 of them have been rap songs. “Bodak Yellow” might finally signal a sea change.

Sandi Rankaduwa 2 years ago