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'13 Reasons Why' You Should Hire Me As Video Content Producer

I don't know how to make a cover letter so...Here's an Article based on theme of Netflix Series : '13 Reasons Why' Here we go... Hey! It's Sandip, Sandip Mondal. That's Right! Adjust yourself on whatever device you are reading this on.It's me live.No return engagements, No encore and this time a small request of hiring me.Get a snack. Settle in.Because I am about to tell you the 13 reasons why you should hire me as content producer. More specifically, a Video Content Producer.

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1. I haven't Graduated it. I gave my12th board exams last month. I know I am very young for this job and this should not be my first reason but belive me, my content can make loud noises! It can RROOOAAARRR!

3. Indians are quite different from other people in world. We like everything with a little bit of extra tadka. I can add that tadka in every video that will leave the audience with a WOW in their face

5. I don't have any professional experience in this field but I am producing 'ORIGINAL VIDEO CONTENT' Since 2014. On my YouTube Channel. No it's not a typical BB Ki Vines Or Roast Channel. I make rants and sketches. Roast channels are complete tatti, Moreover that's cyberbullying!

You saw highlighted 'ORIGINAL VIDEO CONTENT' that is because from last year YouTube's Content has became shitter than expected and there only few channels who puts efforts in scripting, editing and creating original content & I am one of the few creators that are still alive.

6. Most of people at my age right now(i.e.18), Do not have any idea what to do in life. They just hang out with their boyfriends and girlfriends while I like to create videos , focus on my goals and try to do something productive everyday ( I am just hiding the fact that i could not get a girlfriend)

" Jiya Jale
Jiya jale jaan jale
Jiya jale jaan jale
Nainon tale dhuaan chale, Dhuaan chale "

10. I take scripting very very VERY seriously because it is the base of any video.If scripting goes wrong everything goes WRONG!! Just think, if Game of thrones script goes wrong and at then end everybody dies.. Oh Wait!

Have you just started watching Game of thrones? Yes? I am sorry for the Spoilers.

If you are not going to watch GoT, then this is for you "Gangadhar hee Shaktimaan hai"

11. I can turn a emotional video to funny,a funny video to sad, a sad to romantic, a romantic to action and an action to emotional again! It's called the magic of editing!

12. I am going to pursue my bachelor's degree in Marketing (BBA) then I want to be a content marketer. My family cannot afford high expenses like film studies right now. I mean content marketing is not bad at least they don't want me to be an engineer like everyone else. Haaasshhh..

13. Finally, You should Hire me because I am passionate about my work and I know how to deliver a video from top to bottom. Being Passionate isn't enough right? You need skills. Skills to be different and to stand out of crowd. That's what I got. I have some additional skills like eating 6 vadapav's at a time. I wonder if that skill can land me video producer job at Buzzfeed? Will that help?

Want to know more about me and my work?

Go to:

It's my portfolio and a little bit more about myself.

Even if I don't get the job, I Hope this article made you smile.

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