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5 Beauty Must-Haves That Can Basically Change Your Life

These affordable must-haves are commonly overlooked, but can change the way your skin looks and feels. Forever Young, right?!

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1. You need Oil! Yes, you read right!

Adding oils such as Argan, Rosehip Seed, and Olive Oil to your daily beauty regimen can plump up dull skin, diminish wrinkles, and add moisture to dry skin. They even help to remove water-proof makeup; just in case your cleansers aren't doing the trick.

2. Silk Pillowcases. Yes your highness!

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Not only does sleeping on silk pillowcases minimize split ends and breakage, but it also combats premature wrinkles by helping your skin glide smoothly on your pillow while you sleep. Who really wants their sheets tugging at their skin for 8 hours anyway?!

3. Lip balm... and no I don't mean your MAC lipstick.

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You should have Blistex or some kind of chapstick on hand at all times. Especially next to your bed and during those winter months! Dry chapped lips tend to age faster than the rest of your face; and the older you get, the dryer your skin becomes. Keep your puckers moisturized (even while you sleep)!

4. Coffee. No, not the one you order at Starbucks.

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Mix coffee beans with petroleum jelly or shea butter to create a much needed body SCRUB! Our skin carries tons of dead skin cells, and your loofah doesn't always do the trick in removing daily dirt and grim. Take some time to pamper yourself by gently scrubbing your body once a week in the tub with a DIY coffee scrub to get rid of all that unwanted gunk.

5. Lemon and Water.


This has been tried and tested... results: it works! Adding squeezed fresh lemons to your drinking water boosts your immune system, detoxes the body, and helps clear up acne. This mix can also be used as a toner after washing your face at night to brighten dull skin.

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