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I Tested A $20 Non Branded Watch And A $250 Daniel Wellington Watch. Here's My Verdict.

Should you really waste money on a $250 watch?

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Ever thought of looking stylish and dapper walking with the panache of a Wall Street banker, with a shining minimalist watch on your wrist?

Why not, right? Well, you can have all that and achieve the same looks with a 20 bucks minimalist watch I just discovered.

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I cringed at my ignorance all this while thinking there was a “huge” difference between a non-branded and a branded watch, but the low-cost trumped its highly expensive sibling by almost all standards. And my bias and pre-conceived notion towards non-branded watches came all crashing.

Daniel Wellington Famous Watch
Daniel Wellington / Via

Daniel Wellington Famous Watch

So, what do we have in terms of similarities?

•Same weight. My non-branded love has absolutely the same weight as my highly rated, overrated rather, Daniel Wellington time piece.

•On matters related to style the $20 non-branded watch was built with the average consumer in mind, and it was made such that the average consumer can afford this stylish watch without a hefty price tag. Again, I’d say it is the perfect fit for any occasion, office, dinner, business meetings, just name it, this watch perfectly syncs with any of those occasions.

The Marilyn Watch by KlarkWrist

The Marilyn Watch by KlarkWrist

And what about the differences? In terms of quality of the strap, there is nothing worth losing a sleep about, in fact, it could earn you more minutes of sleep; while the branded wristwatch was made with a genuine leather, in contrast, the minimalist time piece was made using PU leather, thus guaranteeing that no animals were hurt in the process.

Lastly, the $20 watch did not come in a box - which would go to trash anyway - like the branded watch, which is an attempt to minimize cost and yet deliver high quality timepieces, so on behalf of the average consumer and above, we are saying keep the boxes but reduce the price!

$20 Pink Watch Vs. $250 Daniel Wellington Black Watch

$20 Pink Watch Vs. $250 Daniel Wellington Black Watch

$20 Pink Watch Vs. $250 Daniel Wellington Black Watch

My Verdict

In conclusion, if your desire is to be stylish, minimize cost, and own a watch that is perfectly suited for any purpose, then this non-branded watch will get your vote time and again.

For those that are wise enough to want to take advantage before prices are revised upwards, check out: KlarkWrist and you would forever thank me for writing this piece. I can confirm that these watches look almost the same to me! And rest assured, both are Chinese made...

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