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Slack Channels That Every Office Should Have

These channel ideas would make slack extra whack -- sorry.

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Hamilton Lottery / Via

Every morning (except Monday mornings) at 9 a.m. the sacred Hamilton lottery opens it's entry page and offices in the greater NYC area are filled with people anxiously waiting for 4 p.m. to come around to get an e-mail that says "Try Again." Sure, we all knew none of us were going to win the Hamilton lottery today, but that doesn't make the pain of losing for the 157th time any easier. It would be nice if someone at HR can set up a slack channel for all of us so we have some emotional support for the inevitable.

Free Food / Via

It's super nice when a co-worker brings in extra food from his family's bbq over the weekend or when your boss brings back a box of those chocolate-covered coconut Mickey Mouse heads, but what would be even nicer than leaving free food in the kitchen? Having a slack channel dedicated to finding out when there's extra wraps from the intern luncheon.

Intern Gossip / Via

I'm currently an intern myself so I can't say that interns aren't great, but yeah, sometimes we do silly things or ask questions that should seem second nature and I imagine that one day when I'm a full-time employee at a company, I'm going to want to share with my co-workers that yet another intern asked if the coffee in the kitchen is free.

Happy Hour


This one's pretty self-explanatory -- because sometimes, you and your co-workers just need to kick back and charge a couple rounds of tequila shots to the company credit card, just kidding -- maybe.

Birthdays / Via

Wanna know what would be a great way to start your once-a-year big day? Opening slack to find that a birthday channel is filled with wishes from the people you spend more time with during the week than your own dog. It would also serve as a great reminder to your boss to run to the nearest Dunkin Donuts and pick you up a box of munchkins.

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