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    These Are The Best Moms Of The Year

    These super-moms went above and beyond.

    1. Marian Welch, Syracuse, New York

    Purestock / Getty Images

    Greatest Mom Achievement: Letting Her Daughter Chloe Spend Her Entire Yearly Clothing Budget At Hot Topic

    Most moms wouldn't let their kids waste all of their clothing money on embarrassing, trend-based, goth-lite T-shirts and chokers–but Marian Welch isn't most moms. "If Chloe wants to throw her $75 budget away on crap that makes her look like a character from one of those japanamations she likes, then so be it," says Marian. "She'll regret it later, I can tell you that," she adds. That's one cool mom!

    2. Claire Cho-Edwards, Lake Forest, Illinois

    Dragonimages / Getty Images

    Greatest Mom Achievement: Took Her Son To McDonald's Often Enough To Make Him Happy But Not Often Enough To Cause Serious Health Problems Or Instill Him With Poor Nutritional Principles

    How do you find that perfect balance between giving your kids a fast food treat and making sure they still eat healthily most of the time? It's a tough question, but Claire Cho-Edwards seems to have answered it. She tells us, "If my son Harper asks nicely, I'll consider it. If he starts begging for McDonald's or being rude about it–we're having spinach for dinner."

    3. Shyamala Kumari, Cape Canaveral, Florida

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    Greatest Mom Achievement: Letting Her Twins Stay Home "Sick" From School Even Though She Knew They Weren't Really That Sick

    "They could have gone to school without getting anyone else sick," Shyamala admits. "But sometimes you need a day to stay in, drink ginger ale, eat saltines, and watch The Price Is Right." This mom gets it and that's why she's one of the best.

    4. Michelle Rodgers, Dayton, Ohio

    Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

    Greatest Mom Achievement: Somehow Rooted For Her Kids At Their Sports Games In A Non-Embarrassing Way

    Michelle's kids, their teammates, and school officials agree: This mom did the impossible. "I know she's proud of me," says son, Chance. "But she doesn't scream at me, or make fun of the other team, or yell at Coach that I'm not playing enough. How does she do it?" Sports scientists from Carnegie Mellon are currently following Michelle for an entire school year trying to answer that very question.

    5. Robin Braunstein, East Brunswick, New Jersey

    Barbara Penoyar / Getty Images

    Greatest Mom Achievement: Didn't Drag Her Daughter Lara To The Outlet Mall Upstate After Lara Begged Her To Stay Home

    Robin told us, "The stuff there is just as good as the things at the real mall! Just less expensive. If Emily doesn't want any new belts or khaki skirts, then fine–she can stay home."

    6. Audrey Schilling, Alton, Texas

    Nadofotos / Getty Images

    Greatest Mom Achievement: Never Once Responded When Her Daughter Slammed Her Bedroom Door And Screamed, "You're The Worst Mom Ever!"

    Every mom has heard it. But only one mom had the strength and deep well of inner calm not to scream something right back. Audrey explains, "It's okay. She doesn't really think I'm the worst mom ever." Of course she doesn't. And it's that attitude that makes you one of the best.

    Congrats to all of this year’s best moms!