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Get Rid Of Raccoons In 4 Easy Steps

Adios, pesky critters!

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Step 1: Lock Up Your Garbage

Andy_q / Getty Images

Raccoons love to eat trash, so keep yours in a container with a securable lid to keep them out. Be sure to wash the garbage can out every week so the smell doesn't attract them!

Step 2: Spray Raccoon Access Points With A Mix Of Pepper And Chilis

Richard Schmidt-zuper / Getty Images

Boil a cup of cayenne pepper in water and throw in a handful of chopped habaneros. When it cools, spray the spicy concoction under porches and around attic windows. Take that, raccoons!

Step 4: Try Ultrasonic Noisemakers, Electric Fences, And Grass Spikes

NA / Via

If all else fails, line your property with a variety of raccoon-deterring traps. They may hurt the raccoons a little–but the little buggers will wise up and leave you alone!

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