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    How To Protect Your Car Keys

    How to protect your car keys How to protect your car key’s so it’ll look new as the day you’ve got it. Most of us don’t know it, but keeping our car keys in a certain way will preserve it and may save us a lot of time and money in the long run.

    How To Protect Your Car Keys

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    This article was written by a professional locksmith.

    In the last years, the different car manufactures do the best in their ability to keep their cars as safe as they can from car thefts, the protection and alarming systems evolve and making it hard for the car thieves to succeed in their work.

    Every car key contains a chip that is coded to the car computer and without it the car won’t start. If you want to keep your car key useful and working for a long time you should pay attention and avoid doing those next things:

    1. Keep your car keys away from electronics that produce magnetic fields — the magnets inside a speaker for instance can hurt the chip and make it unreadable by the car.

    2. Water damage — keep your key of any wet or moist place, avoid exposing it to rain, and defiantly don’t put the key on top of your car.

    In the morning the car roof may be wet and cause the key to rust.

    You should also avoid taking your car key to the shower or put it on the kitchen counter. Those places tend to be wet and can again make your car key rust.


    Don’t throw the key — the risk of the key hitting the floor and breaking is way too heavy. Remember it is just a plastic case with a key and buttons. The cost of a new car key is very high in this case.

    4. Replace the battery — keep a stock of your car key batteries at home and replace the battery every few months. A rusty old battery can hurt the car key and wipe the chip coding.

    5. Keep your key from hot places — hot days or hot stoves, any heat applied to the key may harm it and make it unusable.

    You should also keep a spare key at home — a new car key would be much easier if there is a key the locksmith can use to duplicate. If you don’t have a spare copy, the process can take days and it’ll cost you much more money.

    This article was written by a professional locksmith.

    This article was written by a professional locksmith. / Via

    In conclusion, protecting your car key by following the rules mention earlier may save you a lot of time and money in the future, but if you still need to make a new copy of your car key you can always come to us and get a professional and fast service for all types of cars out there.