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14 Modern Struggles Every Music Lover Will Understand

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1. Driving when the passenger tries to hog the aux cord.

2. The terror when your headphones come out and your music is on full blast.

3. When someone tries to play music in a cup because they forgot speakers.

4. Trying to remember which blog you found that tasty tune on.

5. Searching for your jam online, only to find out it is a cover version.

6. All your friends are deciding to become DJs.

7. Hearing a fire remix at a show, but not being able to find it online.

8. Losing your signal underground right before the best part of the song.

9. Finding a killer mix CD, but not having a CD-ROM to play it in.

10. Anxiously refreshing your browser during presale, only to find your concert sold out.

11. The pain of discovering your favourite artist isn't on your go-to streaming service.

12. The agony of someone at a party repeatedly skipping your song in the queue.

13. Trying to use an app to tell you the rad song playing, but it can't recognize the tune.

14. When you have so much music it won't all fit on your phone.

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