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11 Technologies The Movies Promised Us We'd Have By Now

From flying cars to time travel, the movies sure have promised us a lot. And, while you shouldn't hold your breath for a jetpack, you can rest assured that the home of the future is already here.

1. Flying Cars

Columbia Pictures / Via

No traffic? Sign us up.

2. Exosuits

NosTeraFu T V (CC) / Via

Goodbye, gym. Hello, superhuman strength.

3. Human Cloning


Just like having interns... only they look, sound, and think exactly like you.

4. Teleportation

Paramount Domestic Television / Via

Sure would make visiting your in-laws in Florida easier.

5. Invisibility

Where did he go?!?!

6. Cryogenic Sleeping Pods

Danomyte / shutterstock / Via

Wake us up when winter is over.

7. Jetpacks

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Ummm. Yes.

8. Memory Erasing

Fox / Via

"Boss, I definitely turned that report in on time."

9. X-ray Vision


Not creepy at all.

10. Robot BFFs

Ben Hussmann (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: benhusmann

"We know that's you, Dad."

11. Time Travel

Universal Pictures / Via

Quick stop to pick up Abraham Lincoln then straight to the dinosaurs we go!

It's not all false hopes and empty dreams. Here's one technology the movies promised us that we can cross off the list...