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Have You Ever Taken A 360-Degree Photo?

Because every memory you make with friends and family during the holidays doesn't have to be in 2D.

You've seen them pop up on your newsfeed — immersive 360-degree images are here to stay.

We've found they help make the most memorable moments even more special. Like tasting some holiday treats with your family:

Scroll around to get a better view!

Or meeting a bunch of friends at a roller rink because it's way too cold outside to ice-skate:

Through 360-degree images, you can even relive your biggest "firsts", like getting your first Christmas tree as a family:

*All of these pictures were taken with the super-portable and easy-to-use Samsung Gear 360.

We want to see some 360 images of you and your friends or fam coming together for the holidays. Submit them here, and they might make it into a sponsored BuzzFeed post!

(Just a heads up — anything you send us is covered by the regular BuzzFeed User Terms.)