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16 Holiday Gifts That Will Maximize The Joy Of Minimalists

For your favorite little simplifier.

1. This sleek-looking trash bin.

2. A simple-yet-sophisticated light bulb.

3. A cable box to keep your gear organized.

4. A butter knife that just makes sense.

5. A wreath with just the right amount of flair.

6. A slender smartwatch.

7. A concrete plant and penholder combo.

8. A dock for your phone.

9. A beautiful bendy wooden planter.

10. This electric toothbrush that looks and feels great.

11. Add a natural touch with this wooden planter.

12. Stay up to date in style with the Dodecal.

13. Light your night with a golden leaf.

14. Elevated bowls for your favorite fur baby.

15. A minimalistic money clip.

16. A steampunk-approved light switch plate.

Photographs by Sarah Stone / © BuzzFeed

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