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11 Ingenious Tips About Side-Hustling From Actual Side-Hustlers

When it comes to pursuing your passion, a few tips and tricks can make all the difference. Another thing that can make a huge difference? The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, which will help ensure your 5-to-9 is a perfect 10.

1. Don't burn yourself out, and remember that you don't have to fly solo.

"It's so important to remember not to burn the candle at both ends, and if you're not giving yourself enough time to chill, none of your endeavors will be their best. I also love the saying, 'If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.' It never hurts to create a team or a network with your side hustle."

—Mandy C.

2. Sometimes you've got to give up.

"Think about what you're willing to give up in order to make your side hustle a reality. And then...give that thing up. You have to let it go so you have the time, resources, and energy to make that other thing happen."

—Kirk D.

3. Make sure you're passionate about your passion!

"Unless you really need the side-hustle money, try to only do things that you enjoy doing and that don't feel like a punishment. Because I have a steady nine-to-five job, and my side hustles are fully side hustles, I've learned that it only makes sense to take them on when they feel good."

—Jana P.

4. Ask yourself some important questions.

"Decide what role you want your side hustle to play in your life and then pursue with an insatiable desire. Is it a creative outlet? Is it a means to share something you are passionate about with the world? Is it a way to improve a skill you care about it? Is it way to advance in a field you care about?"

—Clark M.

5. Budget your time wisely!

"I work at my day job Monday through Friday, so I make sure I only work my side hustle on the weekends or later in the evenings. It's also super important that you avoid working yourself to the point where it's all you do. If you don't get to see your friends and enjoy some of your free time, you might have to ask yourself: Is it worth it?"

—Daniel S.

6. Make sure it's worth your while.

"Figure out a sort of minimum wage that you'd be willing to do something for and compare it to what you'd actually be getting. You might make $1,000 selling a ceramic clown on eBay, but if it took you 1,000 hours to find it, list it, and ship it, that's not much of a win for you. If it took you 20 hours to get rid of it, that's $50 an hour. Not bad."

—Alex W.

7. Take a deep breath and focus on what ignites you.

"To keep the soul alive and thriving, it's important to find the root of your happiness and keep it burning within. A deep cleansing breath and quiet mind is key to finding what helps you thrive in life. Having the opportunity to truly take time to focus on your own passion is beautiful."

—Alicia B.

8. The early bird really does get the worm.

"My career allows me to choose my hours, so it's quite ideal for balancing side hustles. Fitting in my side job each morning before work is financially beneficial and makes me feel productive. I wake up early and start each day at 7:30 a.m., which gives me plenty of time to fit in my nine-to-five career, as well as my passion."

—Kristen D.

9. Remember why you started your side hustle (hint: because you love it!).

"Sometimes your side hustle will feel like grueling work. Other times, it will be the thing that keeps you (relatively) sane, so keep pushing through the hard days so you'll have it when you need it."

—Hannah C.

10. Make use of every hour.

"One concise but practical piece of advice? Try focusing on your side hustle during lunch hours when things are slow. That way, you'll get a little more time to yourself later in the day."

—Tara P.

11. Never stop searching for inspiration.

"I like to ensure that I find people who support me — and I don't waste time anymore working with people who don't. I also try to look for inspiration everywhere. You don't only have to work on a project when you're in the 'proper' environment for it. You can find a spark anywhere."

—Quincy M.

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