19 Tumblr Posts About "Chopped" That Are Both Gourmet And Hilarious

    "You've been chopped."

    1. This succinct summary of Chopped:

    2. Basically, every chef who appears on the show:

    3. This Chopped judges alignment chart:

    4. When you want to scream at the screen because a contestant wants to make a frozen treat:

    5. When the judges' faces in the waning moments of each round are basically your eternal mood:

    6. This fairly accurate summary of every episode of the show:

    7. When a contestant makes this critical mistake:

    8. This amazing culinary fetish:

    9. This exceptional observation:

    10. These perfect Chopped-themed valentines:

    11. When Alex had this amazing reaction:

    12. This very valid point:

    13. This dream job description:

    14. This amazing Chopped bingo:

    15. When you silently judge the contestants as you watch the show:

    16. You watching sports vs. you watching Food Network:

    17. Anna Kendrick's totally accurate analysis of Chopped:

    18. An ordinary person competing on the show:

    19. And finally, every word of this AMAZING summary of what each Chopped episode is like: