Put On Your Detective Hats, We Need To Figure Out The Baby Voice On Taylor Swift's "Gorgeous"

    This is a case for the FBI.

    As a flaming homosexual, there are few things I enjoy more in life than following hot guys on Instagram, complaining that Ariana's "Into You" should have topped the charts, and causing catastrophic weather events.

    But probably my favorite pastime is deep-diving insane internet conspiracy theories involving female pop stars as I try to fill the emotional gaps in my own relatively meaningless existence!

    So when Taylor Swift released her latest song "Gorgeous" last night, I knew I needed to put on my tinfoil hat, because Miss Taylor does EVERYTHING intentionally and loves to play games with her fans!

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    Here's the deal. At the very beginning of the track, a baby/child's voice says the word "Gorgeous." Of course, fans IMMEDIATELY went into overdrive trying to figure out the identity of the mystery tot.

    #swifties who didn’t get to go to #Reputation ss trying to figure out whose baby voice is in #Gorgeous. will we eve… https://t.co/WEC2bgB5Sk

    Things got even CRAZIER when Taylor posted, then deleted, this comment on Tumblr — insinuating that fans who attended her Secret Sessions KNEW the identity of the mystery tyke.

    A fan asked on @Tumblr who the #Gorgeous baby voice belonged to, and Taylor responded that only those at… https://t.co/Ztf9s2k8mg

    Some fan accounts were quick to identify the voice as belonging to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's daughter James.

    So it's confirmed the baby's voice at the beginning off #Gorgeous is Blake and Ryan baby girl James.

    @MCnumber1 @TSwiftNZ It’s James Reynolds

    And as the old saying goes, the proof is in the Instagram "likes"...both Blake AND Ryan liked the audio snippet of "Gorgeous" that contains the baby's voice that Taylor posted on Thursday.

    Even @VancityReynolds and @blakelively are excited about @taylorswift13 new song !!! #Gorgeous

    This would make sense, seeing as Taylor is super tight with the Hollywood couple!

    But since we haven't gotten confirmation straight from Taylor's mouth, people are still speculating that it might be another voice! Some purported that it's actually a recording from Baby Taylor's childhood?

    @Samantha_b101 @taylorswift13 I personally think it is Joe Alwyn when he was a baby? Or Taylor. What do you think?

    Another possibility presented was Jaime King's son Leo, whose godmother is none other than Taylor herself!

    If you paid attention of 1 millisecond of @taylorswift13 ‘s life you’d know the baby at the beginning is Leo. 😩… https://t.co/5AxLLRGrKt

    Throwing a wrench into all of these guesses? Apparently the baby voice in question is NOT necessarily someone you would initially guess according to a fan who says she attended Taylor's Rhode Island Secret Session.

    @TSwiftNZ Its not who you would expect it to be

    Regardless...this is going to be me until we figure out whose voice it is!