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    Updated on Jan 16, 2019. Posted on Jul 12, 2018

    27 Hilarious Pictures That Will Make Way Too Much Sense To Swimmers

    Chlorine, chlorine, and more chlorine.

    1. Your alarm clock when you have morning practice:

    2. And then when you actually get to practice, this is what you have to look forward to:

    3. What it's like when you're trying to get loose at a meet:

    4. Your relationship status, in a nutshell:

    5. If you had to describe each 200-length event:

    6. Every swimmer will WINCE just looking at these:

    7. And for the lady swimmers out there, these might hit a little too close to home:

    8. And also when it gets warm and you get to swim outside, and basically all of these things happen without fail:

    9. When it comes time to race, except you don't actually do that much racing:

    10. The truth about lane lines, Part One:

    11. The truth about lane lines, Part Two:

    12. The truth about lane lines, Part Three:

    13. When it's a pull set and this happens and you feel like your hand might fall off:

    14. Either you're one, or the other:

    15. And for anyone who wears a cap, you're one or the other, but you can't be both:

    16. What time management is like when you're a swimmer:

    17. This is what you're like when you're about to do a relay start:

    18. What swimmers are actually good at:

    19. And what swimmers are like when they go to class after morning practice:

    20. When you're doing a stroke set and this calamity happens:

    21. Or this other mid-practice problem:

    22. If you had to pick a hardest event:

    23. Also, this is way too true:

    24. Swimming compared to other sports:

    25. This visual pun which is actually pretty good:

    26. Although really.........this is a way more accurate way of describing counting for someone:

    27. And finally, despite all the craziness, you could never possibly imagine NOT being a swimmer:

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