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Taylor Swift’s Lyrics To "Gorgeous" Are Actually More Clever Than You Might Have Thought

Sunset & Vine isn't just an intersection.

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When Taylor Swift's song "Gorgeous" dropped a few weeks ago, everyone quickly parsed the lyrics to figure out who she was singing about. And while the timeline doesn't QUITE add up, it does seem to be like an ode to her new boyfriend Joe Alwyn!

But while the song might be an ethereal love letter to her new boo, something about the song didn't QUITE sit right with me: Taylor's cartographical lyric, "Whisky on ice, Sunset and Vine."

I don't get why singers glamorize Sunset & Vine? It's a horrible intersection

And I was NOT alone in my frustration.

I hate gorgeous by Taylor Swift because the corner of sunset and vine is literally just a walgreens and a chase bank

You see, for those of you who've never been to Los Angeles, Sunset & Vine is a really congested intersection (I drive through it every day!). There really isn't much to do there! On one corner, you've got a Walgreens.

Sam Stryker

I know this is going to sound insane, but the sushi there is actually pretty good. Yes, the sushi.


So I feel like it was a pretty valid question on my part. Of all the intersections in the world, Taylor picked THIS one. WHY?! Then, the Swifties came for me.

@CourtAntoniello @csydelko People can dislike Taylor all they want but she is a lyrical genius. She has a reason fo…


Like, they didn't hold back.

@WonderLogan21 @csydelko you just gave everyone their answer and they’re still gonna comment some dumb shit about t…

To be fair, I wouldn't hold it against her for ordering the Walgreens sushi.

It's fancy! It's schmancy! So it feels like her type of place. Although I do feel like that's a BIT of a stretch because it's not technically ON Sunset & Vine but that's just me.