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People Are Living For Cersei's Outfit On Last Night's "Game Of Thrones"

She looks MAD good.

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But of all the truly iconic moments in last night's 69-minute finale (nice), the one that truly took the cake is fairly obvious: Cersei's couture-as-fuck outfit.


You see that face? It's the face of a woman who knows she's dressed better than *ANYONE* in King's Landing.

It's the perfect look for nearly every occasion (that is, if you're Cersei Lannister). Need something to look cute in while you barbecue half of King's Landing? 👏SERVE👏THAT👏LOOK👏CERSEI👏:


How about something for when you put the Shame Nun through the ULTIMATE revenge, a wine tasting from hell? 👏SERVE👏THAT👏LOOK👏CERSEI👏:


You know she's not messing around when she's SPILLING wine and not drinking it.

And finally, how do you look cute when you're the first queen to sit on the Iron Throne? Only a black outfit with shoulder pads for DAYS will do. 👏SERVE👏THAT👏LOOK👏CERSEI👏:

And despite her deranged murderous streak throughout the episode, Cersei's look was giving Game of Thrones fans SO. MUCH. LIFE.

Also, can we talk about Cersei's outfit?!?! I want it to be 'normal' to wear stuff like that every single day.

Like, they really loved it:

Whoever designed Cersei's new outfit deserves all the money.


Someone needs to get this in retailers ASAP:

Hey Cersei, lemme borrow that outfit.

Because that armor-dress hybrid is just SO damn good.

Lord, give me the confidence of Cersei's outfit.

It *almost* makes up for all the atrocities she committed this episode. ALMOST.

Sure, Cersei just committed an unspeakable crime. But that outfit though.... #GOT