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21 Reasons Iced Coffee Is The Only Type Of Coffee You Should Be Drinking

It's almost too cool to drink.

1. Scientifically, iced coffee is PROVEN to be better than hot coffee.

It's got less acid, so it's better for your stomach and your teeth.

2. It also just tastes better, and that is a FACT.

Flickr: shenghan / Creative Commons

Because it has less acid, cold-brewed coffee's natural flavors shine through. Tasty!

3. Also, iced coffee is easy-peasy to make.

Flickr: seansharifi Creative Commons

No coffee machine, no problem. Make your coffee cold-brewed.

4. You drink your beer cold. You drink your water cold. You drink your white wine cold. You drink your Diet Coke cold. Why should coffee be any different?

5. Iced coffee keeps you looking sexy too.

FOX / Via

Drinking coffee before a workout stimulates lean-muscle growth and also can aid in fat loss.

6. Not to mention iced coffee has zero carbs and is fat free, so you'll be more than ready for beach season.

Flickr: louisabate / Creative Commons

Starbucks' plain iced coffee has only five calories per 16 ounce serving!

7. And believe it or not, iced coffee can actually IMPROVE your breath.

ABC / Via

That's because it inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

8. If you want, you can dress it up and make it a decadent dessert. TREAT YO SELF.

9. But it tastes just as good dressed down, with a splash of milk. ICED COFFEE IS SO VERSATILE.

10. Iced coffee will never burn your tongue. It will only tingle your tastebuds in the most delightful way possible.

11. Also, iced coffee shows that you like to work hard AND play hard, just like Miley Cyrus.


12. You can drink it out of a Mason jar, and you'll look classy as FUCK doing it.

13. There is also a WORLD of iced coffee out there to explore. For starters, you should definitely try Thai iced coffee.

14. Is there anything else that says "IT'S SUMMER!!!" quite like enjoying an iced coffee on a warm day? DIDN'T THINK SO.

15. Seriously, we should consider changing the name of "summer" to "iced coffee."

16. But it's not just for the summer. You need to do like the cool kids do and drink iced coffee YEAR ROUND.

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In an independent study commissioned by Dunkin' Donuts, a majority of coffee-drinkers said they prefer iced coffee, even during the winter.

17. You can literally drink as much iced coffee as you want (well, until your heart starts racing) because it won't burn your tongue.

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18. Also, if you spill iced coffee on yourself, it's not the end of the world because it won't SCALD your skin.

19. Drinking iced coffee will LITERALLY make you happier.

MTV / Via

Avid coffee drinkers tend to suffer less from depression than non-coffee drinkers.

20. Really, just a single sip from iced coffee is quite possibly the most refreshing thing in the world.

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21. Seriously, if you're not drinking your coffee iced, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

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