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    Adele Just Shared A Gym Picture And It's The Most Relatable Thing Ever

    Hello from the other side (of the gym).

    Everyone knows Adele is a flawless queen who is about to set off on a world-conquering tour, even though it's questionable if anyone *ACTUALLY* got tickets to her shows.

    Well, she just shared a photo on Twitter with the caption "getting ready..." and it's basically the best picture in the history of photography:

    You see, despite the fact that Adele is the closest thing we have to a goddess on this god-forsaken rock that we call Planet Earth, she is still #RELATABLE. Adele getting into shape is actually us all at the gym:

    Adele is you when you feel your very spirit being crushed, and pray there will be a payoff in the end:

    She's you when you just want to put the weights down, put on some sweats, and chow down:

    And Adele is you when a totally cute hunk is at the gym and he catches a glimpse at your gross-ass self:

    And finally she's you when you vow to get in shape in 2016 but it's not as easy as you thought:


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