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29 Times "The Emperor's New Groove" Was The Funniest Disney Movie Ever

"Why do we even HAVE that lever?"

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1. When Yzma wondered why she even HAD that lever:

2. When Pacha and Kuzco ripped on this classic movie trope:

3. When subtlety was NOT Kronk's strong suit:


5. When Yzma actually was a pretty nice (but still evil) boss:


11. When something got lost in translation:

12. When it was a true crime that Kuzco was going to miss dessert:


13. When Kuzco wasn't really feeling Yzma's look:

15. When Kuzco took two steps forward, but then one big step back:

16. When this whole exchange happened:


19. When our dastardly duo finally got down to the secret lab:


22. When Yzma and Kronk didn't make sense, but it didn't really matter:

23. When Kuzco made this horrible mistake:


28. When Kuzco was so selfish, he broke the fourth wall: