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People Discovered Tim Kaine Was Really Hot And Are Thirsting Hard

Make America Hunky Again.

Hi, ladies and gentlemen of the internet. This is Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, a senator from Virginia. He looks like your average 58-year-old white dude, right?

Well, what if I told you that back in the day Tim Kaine wasn't just some ordinary guy with big political aspirations? What if I told you...young Tim Kaine was a stone-cold fox? Would you believe me?


Before he became a 90s sitcom dad, young Tim Kaine was kinda bae. Hey boo.

You see, I think Hillary was onto something when she chose "Sugar" Kaine as her running mate. The man is not just any VP pick. He has a thirst army of fans lusting after him on the internet:

where were you when you discovered hot young Tim Kaine

They're coming up with amazing ways for the DNC to raise funds:

I feel like the DNC just needs to hand out a beefcake calendar of old Tim Kaine photos

He's fulfilling people's hipster fantasies:

i would drink PBR and listen to tame impala with a young tim kaine

Objectifying someone who could become one of the most powerful people in the free world? WHY THE HELL NOT:

ONLY FACTS: to reiterate: young tim kaine's cheekbones belong in a DAMN art museum


Get you a man who can legislate AND who looks like Superman:

Is it me or does a young @timkaine look a lot like #HenryCavil? #ClintonKaine

And at the end of the day, all thirsty American voters want is more from our democratic system. Or at least more pictures of young Tim Kaine.

I'll trust Wikileaks again if they drop a whole cache of young hot Tim Kaine photos on us. jus sayin' earn some goodwill, guys.

Thank you, Sen. Kaine, for restoring out faith in AMERICA.