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    Millennials Apparently Can't Afford Houses Because They Go To Too Many Bachelor Parties

    Step aside, avocado toast, you've got some competition.

    If you worried that it's been a hot minute since millennials were blamed for something crazy like killing the soap bar industry, or spending too much money on avocado toast, I've got news for you. THE STREAK IS OVER!


    According to this Today article, millennials spend too much money on BACHELOR AND BACHELORETTE PARTIES and thus cannot afford to buy their own houses.

    Why can't millennials afford houses? Blame bachelor parties, says study

    The article is based off of a study conducted by the real estate website Zillow, and the claims are SOMETHING ELSE.


    The study claims millennials attend on average nine such parties over the course of their lives, and spend almost $14,000 on average in the process. In some areas of the country, that's more than a third of a down payment on a home.

    It's become sort of a trend to come up with crazy reasons millennials can't afford to buy houses, so naturally, people were pissed.

    baby boomers be like: let’s come up with every excuse to shift the blame from us to millennials even though we fucked them over and left them with a total mess

    And they made fun of the latest absurd reason millennials have money troubles.

    Why can’t millennials pay rent? Blame ... *throws a dart* goat yoga

    Like, you can't make this stuff up.

    Millennials: *through sobs* can't just call everything the reason we can't afford housing Boomer: *pointing a seagull flying past* Millennials Letting Seagulls Eat Fries Is Why They Can't Afford Houses

    People were FED UP.

    "Why can't millennials afford houses?" takes are officially canceled.

    And they came through with the receipts.

    Or ... and hear me out here ... *Millennials are paid less than their parents were at their age despite more education *Massive student debt *Sky-high rents make it impossible to save up *Home prices are at record highs *Avocados

    Like, ALL of the receipts.

    Bachelor parties? Try a global economic recession right as we graduate. Try stagnant wages and continual underemployment. Try crippling student loan debt the size of a typical mortgage. Try “trickle-down” economics that never make it down to Millennials. Try ...........

    *MIC DROP.*

    This, rather than home prices outpacing wage gains, is definitely the reason.


    @TODAYshow hmm yes why aren't millennials buying houses? it's gotta be all the toast parties

    And finally, how about this brilliant way for millennials to finally fund their home purchases?

    I want every millennial to receive a dollar for every "why don't millennials do this" think piece put out there. Then maybe we can afford to put a down payment on a house and buy diamonds and all that...

    Basically, this was all of us millennials reading this article: