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    People Are Roasting Roseanne Barr After She Made A Racist Statement And ABC Canceled Her Show

    "Imagine loving being racist more than loving money."

    ICYMI, ABC has canceled the Roseanne revival on Tuesday after its titular star Roseanne Barr compared former senior Obama administration advisor Valerie Jarrett, who is black, to an ape on Twitter.

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    Naturally the news drew a range of responses from people online, ranging from the humorous to the critical.

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    Of course, people went right for Roseanne.

    Some pretty brutal subtweets were made...

    imagine loving being racist more than loving money. were some hilarious hypothetical scenarios.

    You know Sarah Huckabee is shook that Trump might replace her with Roseanne as press secretary

    Even the frickin' dictionary joined in on the pile-on.

    People were also quick to call out ABC for greenlighting the show in the first place, considering her controversial history.

    Many believed that ABC knew exactly who they were buying into when they brought the show back.

    "We were shocked and horrified to see that Roseanne continued acting exactly the way she has been acting for many many years. It was a real bolt from the blue to see her tweet things that she has tweeted versions of dozens of times in the past."

    And some also directed their ire at any cast members who might express "shock" over her racist comments when she has a similar pattern of behavior.

    The cast of Roseanne knew Roseanne was trash before and after they signed on to do the revival. Their agreeing to do the revival only emboldened her, therefore any “shock” over her comments today really doesn’t matter

    But people also felt upset on behalf of the people who worked behind the scenes on Roseanne...

    Okay, jokes aside…a good 200 or so crew people who thought they’d have jobs this fall are suddenly unemployed through no fault of their own. Meanwhile Roseanne will probably get a huge payout. And that makes me angrier than her racist-ass tweets.

    ...because they're now likely out of work and looking for new jobs, due to Barr's racist statements.

    Imagine being out of work for years, getting your show revived and finally having a steady paycheck secured only for your co-star to call somebody a monkey and fuck up your bag. Roseanne would catch these hands.

    People were also quick to draw comparisons in how people reacted to the NFL's new policy on players protesting during the National Anthem to ABC canceling Roseanne...

    Aaaaannnd cue the people who just celebrated the NFL targeting player protests defending Roseanne Barr now on 1st amendment grounds. 3,2,1....popcorn.

    ...ESPECIALLY with Roseanne's checkered past with the National Anthem.

    For those of you who criticize Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest while championing Roseanne’s “free speech,” here is Roseanne mocking the National Anthem, then grabbing her crotch and SPITTING.

    Ultimately, some saw the cancellation of the show as a sign that maybe this dumpster fire of a year isn't ALL terrible.

    I cannot believe I am experiencing hope for the first time in months because "Roseanne" got canceled

    And at the end of the day, the memes...the memes were good.

    Finally, someone cooked up *THIS* ingenious way to continue the series without its lead. 10/10, would watch.

    They should just recast Roseanne's character with Danny DeVito but not address it at all

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