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Watch This Thirsty Newscaster Run After A Hot Guy She Just Interviewed

A good reporter always chases down a hot story.

Last week, KTLA newscaster Wendy Burch was at Dana Point in Southern California when she happened to talk to an Australian runner about shark sightings in the area... and it resulted in this AMAZING interview:

Facebook: video.php

Wendy's interview has been viewed more than half a million times on Facebook already! YAAASS WENDY!!!

The interview starts off like any broadcast, but like the sharks she is inquiring about, Wendy quickly has eyes on her prey, and honestly, who can blame her?

Wendy quickly shifted from the frankly irrelevant topic of shark attacks to more pressing matters: the name of the slab of Outback Steakhouse grade-A sirloin standing right in front of her.

James had to continue off on his run, but not before Wendy could thank him for his contributions to her hard-hitting journalism.

Wendy's interview with James was so life-changing, in fact, it left the reporter momentarily speechless on air.

But Wendy quickly came to her senses and realized that she wasn't going to pass up "the story of [her] life." No, enterprising journalist that she is, she chased after James in the pursuit of a hot...story.

Wendy tweeted about the incident after the fact, and although she didn't get her scoop, I know she'll get 'em next time:

There was a moment there when I looked into his eyes.... and completely forgot what we were talking about 😍

Thank you, Wendy, for pursuing the stories that MATTER.