Michelle Obama Wore Glittery Thigh-High Balenciaga Boots And People Are Shook

    She's not running (at least in these shoes).

    Former First Lady Michelle Obama is currently busy promoting her new memoir, Becoming. As part of her book tour, she stopped by Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Wednesday night for a Q&A with Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Now, you KNEW Michelle was going to turn out some lewks for her appearance with the Sex & The City star. She basically had to bring it, and bring it she did in this stunning yellow Balenciaga dress. But like a true stunt queen, she saved the best part of her outfit for the reveal.

    Underneath the dress are thigh-high glittery boots (also Balenciaga) that run almost $4,000. She didn't have to snap that hard, but she DID.

    Basically, this is all of us when we saw the shoes under the outfit:

    They're so amazing, I'm sure Melania Trump is shopping for a matching pair as we speak.

    Naturally, people are pretty impressed with Michelle's choice in shoes.

    In 2019, I wanna be as dazzling and lit as the thigh-high Balenciaga boots Michelle Obama rocked in NYC last night.

    Like, they're OBSESSED (and rightfully so).

    I don't care what you say, these Balenciaga boots on @MichelleObama are #Becoming my obsession.

    Some people might even be a little *too* shook, but can you blame them?

    I want Michelle Obama to kick me in the face in these boots

    More of this in 2019, please.

    michelle obama slaying in a gold gown and thigh high holographic boots send fucking tweet

    We love an iconic fashion moment.

    When I die, please project these blessed images of Michelle Obama's boots on my tombstone

    Basically, so so SO many people were flat-out stanning.

    So Michelle Obama just gone fuck us up with these thigh-high Balenciaga boots?? Excuse me while I stan.

    Now, if only we could cop a version that doesn't run a few thousand dollars, that would be GREAT!

    I can’t wait until Akira makes those Michelle Obama boots at my price point

    Michelle, thank YOU for blessing us with this look.