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    26 Times The Ladies Of "The Office" Were So Funny They Deserved Their Own Damn Show

    Greenlight a show with just these ladies ASAP!

    1. When Pam initiated this grammar exchange, and then Kelly dunked on Ryan:


    2. When Kelly and Angela's excitement levels were drastically different:


    3. When Meredith shared this interesting personal tidbit:


    4. When Karen perfectly described Jim:

    5. And when Holly didn't exactly do the same with Michael:

    6. When Phyllis shared her saucy fitness routine:

    7. When Kelly started guessing wifi passwords in church:

    8. When Phyllis put Pam on blast:

    9. And when Erin accidentally dissed Holly:

    10. When Angela shared her shopping hacks:

    11. When Phyllis played to her strengths:

    12. When Meredith got a little too "casual" on Casual Day:

    13. When green wasn't really Angela's favorite color:

    14. When Kelly's resolve wasn't really...THAT strong:

    15. When Angela was just trying to have some "fun":

    16. When Meredith had this iconic medical exchange with Creed:

    17. When Angela taught us slang:

    18. When Phyllis was just speaking the truth:

    19. When Pam was feeling spiritual:

    20. When Erin ordered a this:

    21. When Meredith got Jim to sign her...cast:

    22. When Erin had this conspiracy theory:

    23. When Phyllis planned a one-of-a-kind holiday party:

    24. When Kelly wasn't going to let any traditions get in her way:

    25. When Pam just made this face:

    26. And finally, when Kelly did THAT:

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