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    Sep 15, 2016

    Kim Kardashian Just Celebrated Her Assistant's B-Day In The Most Kardashian Way Possible

    Klassic Kim.

    Everyone knows Kim Kardashian has a true artist's touch when it comes to social media — capable of greatness, yet at the same time always operating within the shadow of her own ego. Remember that time when she exposed Taylor Swift via Snapchat?


    Or how about the time she kropped her own daughter North West out of a photo because she was feeling her look but North's eyes were klosed?

    Well Kim might have just outdone herself, because she just uploaded this Happy Birthday message to her assistant, Steph Sheppard, and it's really something:

    Like, let's REFLECT about how literally SHADY this Happy Birthday message is:

    But Kim was just getting started, because one HBD message is for peasants! Kim tweeted this kompliment to Steph (while strategically adjusting her hair in a manner that proved flattering to her butt, which by the basic laws of physics shouldn't even be possible):

    And then went for one more, just for good measure:

    What a birthday indeed!

    FYI, for those of you who kan't keep up, Kim was just trolling Steph...

    ...who was a great sport about the whole thing (which, like, DUH, she's Kim's assistant — she's paid to nod and smile):

    Your daily reminder that Kim K should konsider a kareer in komedy!

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