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    27 Times Kelly Kapoor Deserved Her Own Spin-Off From "The Office"

    "I talk a lot, so I've learned to just tune myself out."

    1. When Angela had to prepare herself for Hurricane Kelly:

    2. When she didn't let tradition get in the way of fashion:

    3. When she basically saved Kevin's life:

    4. When she had this romantic letdown:

    5. And when she wasn't afraid to speak her mind:

    6. When she gave us this important grammar lesson:

    7. When she had a very rapid change of mind:

    8. And when she pointed out some pretty big plot holes in Glee:

    9. When she thought quickly on her feet:

    10. When she offered up some critical dating advice:

    11. When she wasn't afraid to play dirty:

    12. And when her eyes said it all:

    13. When she shared some important definitions with us:

    14. When she showed off her extensive business acumen:

    15. When she totally aced this interview:

    16. And when she got straight to the point:

    17. And when she wasn't here to play games with Darryl:

    18. When she asked this very reasonable question:

    19. When she got ~deep~ and ~emotional~:

    20. When she stood up for Hilary Swank, because she had to stand up for herself:

    21. When she told the office her fitness routine:

    22. When she might have been a tad bit insensitive, but we still loved her:

    23. When she stuck the landing:

    24. When she knew her strengths:

    25. When she shared how she copes with herself:

    26. And finally, when she showed us how to walk into a room with confidence: