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    Kanye West Just Went All-In On Deadmau5 On Twitter

    Back at it again.

    On Tuesday night, Kanye West tweeted a screenshot that showed he had a tab open of the torrenting site Pirate Bay.

    Electronic music artist Deadmau5 quickly responded to West, alleging the rapper was using the torrent to illegally download Serum, a digital synthesizer that was opened in another of the rapper's tabs.

    What the fuck @kanyewest ... Can't afford serum? Dick.

    Deadmau5 then mockingly tweeted that the internet should start raising funds so that West could legally purchase a copy of the software.

    Twitter: @deadmau5

    FWIW, Deadmau5 is friends and collaborates with Steve Duda, the man behind Serum.

    That's when West went OFF on Twitter in a series of tweets directed at the electronic artist, who is known for wearing a mouse mask on stage.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images
    Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

    First West mocked Deadmau5's stage name...

    ...then he came for the artist's choice of costume.

    Then West attacked Deadmau5, who is a fellow Tidal artist, for his sales numbers, complete with use of the mouse emoji.

    West continued on the rodent-related taunting...

    ...before asking Deadmau5 to perform at his daughter North's birthday in a Minnie Mouse costume.

    Kanye seems like he could have a career in party planning, TBH.

    Yeezy closed out his Twitter directive at Deadmau5 (without actually @-ing the electronic artist) with this dig:

    Can't you two just make up???

    Jamie Mccarthy

    UPDATE: Deadmau5 has responded to West's comments:

    Looks like this feud isn't ending anytime soon.

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