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OMG, Britney Spears Has Transformed Into A Magical Mermaid


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Britney Spears: She's a pop icon, Frappuccino aficionado, and lover of artsy fartsy stuff.


But what if I told you that the Holy Spearsit has transformed into the most majestic of mythical creatures practically overnight: A MERMAID!!!


Yup, it's true. The first telltale sign of Mermaidney's transformation was her hair. See, normal people don't rock such luscious pastel locks. It should have been a dead giveaway for us all.

But the world was introduced to the aquatic realness that is Mermaidney when she posted this picture with her sons at the pool rocking a mermaid tail. The only thing she was missing was a seashell bra.

What's unclear is why the mermaid features did not manifest until Britney turned 33. As anyone who grew up watching the Disney Channel knows, people's mermaid heritage is revealed in their 13th year.

What's clear though is that being a mermaid runs in the Spears family — Britney's #ICONIC niece Lexie and brother Bryan are merpeople too. LOVESIT.

We're just so blessed that Britney wants to be...PART OF OUR WORLD!!!

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