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    26 Fabulous Anna Wintour Reactions For Everyday Situations

    It's about to get chilly in here!

    1. When your friend tells you what happened after she brought home that guy from the bar last night:

    2. When your mom tries to use "bae" or "on fleek" in a sentence:

    3. When someone has their iPhone's annoying clicky texting noises turned on, and they won't turn them off:

    4. When your friend tells you she's getting back together with her boyfriend, and you want to tell her that's a shitty idea, but you decide to hold it in:

    5. When you're drunk at Thanksgiving dinner, but you're really, really trying to play it cool with your family:

    6. When you see ANOTHER person from high school post baby pictures on your Facebook timeline and you're still single AF:

    7. When you've run out of clean clothes to wear and are doing laundry, but have to leave the house in *THAT* outfit (you know the one I'm talking about):

    8. When you're headed to lunch with your co-workers and could eat a horse, but that ONE co-worker is taking their sweet time going to the bathroom before you head out:

    9. When you look at your bank account after paying your student loans:

    10. When you really have to pee, but you're holding it in because your friends want to take a group shot, but it's taking WAY too long:

    11. When your co-worker spoils last night's Game of Thrones before you can watch it, and you want to go off on them but can't:

    12. When you're drunk in your Uber with your bestie and you have no fricking clue what is going on:

    13. And then when your Uber takes a wrong turn and you have to scream directions at the driver even though you're plastered:

    14. When you're trying to pretend you like kids, but really you think they look like little alien potatoes:

    15. When you retake a picture five times because you're tipsy and you keep doing a weird pose you always do:

    16. When you have a hot waiter at dinner and you're the only one of your friends who can keep it together:

    17. When you see your crush from across the bar, and you're trying to play it cool, but then you totally lose it and decide to get their attention like this:

    18. When you're midway through a conversation and you realize you TOTALLY forgot the name of the person you're talking with:

    19. When you see your ex walk into the room and you try to not give them the resting bitch face but screw it, you're going to do it anyway:

    20. When the server at Chipotle asks if you still want guac because it costs extra:

    21. When you're seated next to a total rando at a dinner, and you're done talking about the weather and have run out of things to discuss:

    22. When your mom asks you about that guy you've been seeing, even though you DEFINITELY told her that you stopped hanging out with him three months ago:

    23. When your crush likes your most recent pic on Instagram, but they STILL haven't texted you back after eight hours:

    24. When *THAT* friend decided to make brunch reservations for 11 and you're still drunk AND hungover on the way to the restaurant:

    25. And then when you're the first one to arrive for brunch and you're waiting for the rest of your friends to arrive:

    26. Finally, when you take that PERFECT picture that you immediately know is going to be your Facebook default: