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    21 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense If You're Addicted To Iced Coffee

    Iced coffee isn't just a beverage, it's a lifestyle.

    1. First of all, you know that iced coffee isn't just a drink. It's a lifestyle.


    2. And you truly don't know how people can prefer hot coffee to cold. It's truly no contest!


    3. You know that it's "iced coffee" and not "ice coffee," and you're willing to correct anyone who gets it wrong.


    4. Your day doesn't actually start when you wake up. It only begins when you've had your first iced coffee of the day.


    5. Yes, first of the day. Because there's absolutely no way in hell that you're just having ONE iced coffee.

    6. And when you DO order an iced coffee, you get a venti (or maybe even a trenta) or the largest size, because you do NOT mess around. Seriously, if it's not big enough to weigh as much as a small child and buckle into a car seat, it's not worth ordering.

    7. And seriously, you're a frickin' zombie until you've had your beverage. No one should even come within 10 feet of you or risk incurring your wrath.


    8. If you have one of those hot coffee machines, you've perfected the art of adding ice cubes into hot liquid so you can satisfy that iced coffee craving. Seriously, you're basically a freakin' chemist.


    9. And if you've ever been to a restaurant that only serves hot coffee, you've probably requested that they just throw in a few ice cubes for you.

    10. No matter the season, you're drinking iced coffee. That means iced coffee in the dead of winter...

    11. ...and you know that one of life's greatest pleasures is iced coffee on a hot summer day.

    12. If you've ever been to Europe or somewhere else that doesn't typically serve iced coffee, you may have gone to extreme lengths to find a Starbucks or somewhere else that will make one for you.

    13. Speaking of Starbucks (or whatever coffee shop you frequent), your barista definitely knows your iced coffee order by heart now.

    14. And you only drink the REAL stuff — cold brew or iced coffee. None of this sugary Frappuccino stuff, that's for kids at the mall.

    15. On that note, you shudder every time you see an Instagram-worthy concoction like the Unicorn Frap. That's because iced coffee is not something to take a picture of, but really just the quickest way to mainline caffeine into your veins.

    16. You also wish there was a separate line at Starbucks or your coffee shop for ACTUAL iced coffee drinkers who know their order and have their shit together, not rookies who stumble over what they want when they reach the front of the line.


    17. And even though you probably have a coffee machine at home or in your office, you know nothing beats the satisfaction of actually going out to order your iced coffee.


    18. Do you go to the bathroom a lot more because you drink iced coffee? Probably, but you don't care.

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    19. And you also probably DGAF about how much money you spend on iced coffee, because it's a necessary luxury.


    20. And being late to work because you were too busy getting iced coffee? Prioritizing.

    21. That's because you have only one true love of your life. And it's iced coffee.