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    I Tried The Tea The Kardashians Post On Instagram, And This Is What Happened

    Let me spill the tea on Fit Tea.

    If you're one of the millions of people who follow the Kardashians on social media, you've *PROBABLY* seen one of their Instagram posts where they're clutching a bag of Fit Tea in one of their assorted Calabasas mansions:

    They usually caption their picture with something about how they couldn't survive without the beverage, but β€” SURPRISE β€” they're getting paid to sponsor the product!

    OK, so the Kardashians LOVE shilling for Fit Tea. But how trustworthy is a fitness tea endorsed by Kris Jenner's spawn β€” could it possibly work, or is it 21st-century snake oil?

    Naturally, there was only one way to answer that question β€” actually TRY Fit Tea. But before I did that, I needed to check that the stuff was safe to drink (the last way I want to go is death by fitness tea), so I turned to registered dietician LeeAnn Smith Weintraub.

    The ingredients listed on Fit Tea's packaging are rooibos, green tea, ginger, oolong, pomegranate, stevia, guarana, citric acid, sea salt, lemon juice, honey, matcha green tea, and garcinia cambogia extract. A full explanation of what each of these ingredients does according to Fit Tea can be found here. On its packaging, Fit Tea also advertises as a "blend of all natural ingredients" that "promotes fat burning & weight loss," while it also "improves your immune system" and "soothes & cleans your digestive system." So there's a lot going on here.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    Smith Weintraub said the ingredients in the tea are "generally safe" to consume, but recommended those who are sensitive to caffeine do not drink it.

    Two ingredients, however, stood out: the garcinia cambogia extract and guarana. Garcinia is a weight loss supplement and appetite suppressant according to Smith Weintraub, but "evidence supporting its use and backing its safety is limited," she said. EEEP! As for guarana, it's frequently found in energy drinks for its naturally high caffeine content, according to Smith Weintraub.

    Oh, and this should be obvious, but Smith Weintraub said the tea alone isn't some magical weight loss cure-all: You've ALSO got to exercise and consume a balanced diet.

    OK, so it sounded like Fit Tea was safe to drink β€” so I ordered it and got ready to guzzle some Kardashian Juice. Full disclosure, this is me and my body:

    1. Getting started is the hardest part.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    Even though I had a registered dietician tell me it was safe to drink the stuff, I was still very nervous to begin drinking $25 worth of poop tea. The stuff seemed very scammy, and I was nervous about how it was going to affect my digestive system. Like, was I constantly going to be needing to go no. 2? Was I going to be chugging Pepto Bismol? Would Kris Jenner pay for my medical bills if the stuff made me sick? And I wasn't just going to be drinking one cup of tea. I ordered the "14 Day Detox," meaning I was committing to two weeks of the stuff.

    It didn't help that when I told co-workers about my project, they told me they thought I'd be contributing heavily to BuzzFeed's plumbing bill over the next few weeks.

    Some of my co-workers were supportive of the journey I was about to undertake:

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    And some definitely had some "interesting" ways of showing they had my back through the process:

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    2. It pretty much tastes like normal tea.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    It's very ginger-y, but otherwise this tastes like regular tea. (You're allowed to mix in honey or lemon for flavor, but I don't carry spare lemons on me so I passed.) Once I got used to the taste, I actually didn't mind drinking it (and I only had to drink one cup a day).

    3. Yes, you will be regular. πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    Without getting into the gory details (this is a family website) I went EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And this is only from drinking a cup of tea a day for two weeks! I am proud of my bowel movements to begin with, but I felt like my stomach was working harder than whoever contours the Kardashians. This leads me to ask: Do the Kardashians poop a lot? Is that the secret to their success? I have questions!

    4. The first few days are the rockiest.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    For roughly the first half of my two-week Kardashian tea cleanse my stomach was definitely undergoing some action. It felt like the tea was knocking all the sludge off of my stomach and washing it away. It wasn't necessarily unpleasant, just a little unsettling because it was such an unfamiliar sensation.

    5. But things changed about a week into drinking the tea.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed
    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    A few days in, my stomach had settled down, and I felt pretty similar to my pre-Fit Tea days. I still was "regular," but I felt pretty normal otherwise. I finally had adjusted to drinking the Kardashian's reali-TEA. Sorry for the bad pun.

    6. It definitely affects your appetite.

    I had a big dinner scheduled with friends during the first week of my cleanse. Right before dinner, I felt full even though I hadn't had much to eat that day, and I chalked it up to the tea. Even though I FELT full, I still ate a lot at dinner, because I knew I was technically hungry. (I'm a competitive swimmer, and I have a huge appetite.) This was probably the weirdest side effect of the tea: feeling full, but knowing your body is actually really hungry.

    7. I kind of stopped craving caffeine.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    I normally knock back a Venti from Starbucks in the morning, and I usually have the capacity to keep going and reach for another cup or so. But after the first week of my cleanse, I started to notice something: I was struggling to finish my morning Starbucks, and I still felt alert and energized. I'm guessing this is probably because of all the caffeine in Fit Tea, but for a heavy coffee drinker, *NOT* feeling the need to grab a cup of joe is a BIZARRE feeling, to be sure.

    8. Finally, I didn't really feel *that* different at the end of the experience.

    Sure, I had gone to the bathroom more, and maybe my tummy felt a little less bloated than usual. Because of this, I felt a little skinnier β€” the type of skinny you feel after waking up in the morning when you haven't had anything to eat yet (and I didn't really have that much excess weight to lose to begin with). But I didn't really feel fitter OR like I was worthy of joining the Kardashian/Jenner family. That being said, I had EXTREMELY low expectations for Fit Tea. At best, I figured it would do nothing to me, but I was genuinely nervous it might screw up my stomach. And it didn't!

    Final thoughts:


    β€” Fit Tea didn't kill me or ruin my stomach!

    β€” But it also didn't suddenly turn me into some fitness guru.

    β€” It definitely impacts your stomach and bowel movements.

    β€” I felt less bloated and even a little thinner, but it didn't feel like I had lost a noticeable amount of weight. (FWIW, I didn't weigh myself during this project.)

    β€” Fit Tea keeps you really caffeinated.

    β€” It tastes like normal tea.

    β€” To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't be scared to use it again...but IDK what I'd really be using it FOR.

    β€” I'm still not a Kardashian.