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"The Lion King" Soundtrack Was The Most Important Soundtrack Of Our Childhoods

How could you NOT feel the love tonight?

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So we can all agree — The Lion King was a seminal part of our childhood, right? RIGHT?


OK, good.

But Disney's masterpiece is more than just an epic film that had us cry...


...and laugh...


...and feel all the feels...

Disney also has the BEST movie soundtrack of ANY movie, EVER.


Timon is us all, dancing to The Lion King soundtrack.

Don't believe me? ZAZU, BRING THE RECEIPTS.


Let's start with the opening track of the movie, "Circle of Life." PLEASE HIT PLAY.

First you're hit with the POWERFUL opening lyrics, which we totally butchered trying to sing along as kids.


For the record, it's "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba / Sithi uhm ingonyama." Don't forget it! And in case you were wondering (we know you were) it means "Here comes a lion, Father / Oh yes, it's a lion."

You see the sweeping scope of the lion's kingdom...


Everything the light touches!

...and you're like, "Damn, I better buckle up my seatbelt, because this is going to be a hell of a movie!"

Simba is us all, being like, "What did I get myself into?!?!"

But guys, "The Circle Of Life" was JUST the START.



Because next up, there's the soundtrack's resident BANGER, "I Just Can't Wait To Be King", aka the anthem of goal diggers EVERYWHERE:

If this song didn't have you shaking your butt in your playroom while you watched the movie on VHS, then you don't know how to have fun.


And little-kid you definitely was like, "Wait, when am I going to be king." Also, you wondered why you weren't a lion.

Don't worry. There's still time.

And you DEFINITELY learned the words to the entire song...

...which culminated in you screaming Zazu's "NOT. YET."


Of course, we can't forget the song that terrified an entire generation, Scar's "Be Prepared":

Seriously, you were half rocking out, half covering your eyes in terror.


I actually danced around the house to this song, but I'm weird like that.

Also, the hyenas were TERRIFYING when they weren't making you laugh.


But Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed were pretty good on percussion!

So yeah, "Be Prepared" is a great song, but it also terrified elementary-school-aged you.


Hopefully, the reminder of it won't give you nightmares.

How about the seminal classic "Hakuna Matata", which taught us a phrase that's helped us get through the worst of days:

The first time you heard it, you were all like, "Hakuna ma-what-a?"


But determined 10-year-old you learned those lyrics pretty damn fast!


What a wonderful phrase!

And you definitely practiced Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa's head toss like this:


The instrumental part was pretty boss!

Really, we may have had some worries for the rest of our days...BUT THIS SONG HELPED A LOT.


And then perhaps Disney's greatest love song EVER, "Can You Feel The Love Tonight":

It didn't even occur to you as a kid that two lions were ~about to get it on~...


...because this song basically taught you what love IS.


Seriously, it took two big cats to teach you about romance.

Which was only made better when Sir Elton John sang it...IT EVEN WON AN OSCAR!!!:

It's sweeping, luscious, and everything you want in a Disney song...

...and let's be honest, you've definitely considered using this song as the first dance at your wedding.

If only you could find a Simba to your Nala.

So case closed, all other movie soundtracks can go see themselves to the exit.


And this is ALL OF US while we're listening to The Lion King soundtrack:


Worries? NONE.

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