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27 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Water Polo Players

Grab your balls and get ready to get wet!

1. This, because when people say they wake up early, you roll your eyes, because THIS is your alarm clock:

2. SRSLY. So...many...early...mornings:

3. This chart, which depicts the very real struggle of practice way too accurately:

4. This, because we need to talk about how water polo makes your stomach a bottomless pit:

5. Like, can you even remember a time you WEREN'T hungry?

6. This picture, which sums up what practice REALLY looks like:

7. This, because it perfectly describes when that one player is a little too ~clingy~ during a game:

8. And then when this happens during a game:

9. This picture, because most of the time you think your coach *might* be trying to kill you:

"@Water_Polo_Prob: We all have a feeling.... #waterpoloproblems " lol this is my team

10. Like when your coach does this:

Going to morning practice and trying to convince your coach to not do dryland... 😭 #waterpoloproblems

11. And let's talk about how the smell of the pool never really leaves you:

12. This, because sometimes you JUST CANNOT get a call in your favor:

13. Like, is the ref actually watching the same game that's being played?

When the ref calls an ejection but your hands were up #waterpoloproblems

14. This picture that accurately shows how your survive a difficult practice:

Shoot this is me 😂 #waterpoloproblems What jacky sent me (x

15. This is how you look when you have to head to school right after morning practice:

16. Random person: "Water polo doesn't seem that hard." You:

Way back Wednesday #wbw #waybackwednesday #waterpolo #waterpoloproblems #listentocoach

17. But as this shows, when you ARE actually injured, you probably don't even realize it because you're balling too hard:

18. This picture that shows you before water polo season, and after water polo season:

19. This picture that accurately depicts your reaction to people who don't play polo think they're being funny, like you've never heard this joke before:

20. Like, if you don't play, please don't talk. You don't know what's going on in the water:

"Water polo seems so easy, it's like playing football but in water"#waterpoloproblems -.-

21. This picture, which describes what might be the worst feeling in the world:

22. This picture accurately describes how water polo impacts your social life:

23. This picture that shows the struggle of what happens during the summer:

24. This picture that describes the dangers of showering after practice:

"@H2o_polo_probs: Praying for a decent shower at the pool for once #waterpoloproblems " loooooooooooooooool #memories

25. This, which shows what it's like to put on THAT suit (you know the one) before a big game:

Getting into your game suit before a game #waterpoloproblems

26. This, which is basically how you feel after getting out of the pool after a rough game:

Playing against your friend... #waterpoloproblems

27. And finally, this just about sums up why you love water polo so much: