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    21 Words You Don’t Actually Understand Unless You’re From Fairfield County

    It's not just regular Connecticut.

    1. Stew Leonard's

    2. Greenwich

    3. 203

    4. The Merritt

    5. Prep

    6. Preppy

    7. Metro-North

    8. FCIACs

    9. Colony

    10. Sono

    11. Seasons

    12. The City

    13. Rams and Blue Wave

    What other people think it means: A mammal, and a feature of the ocean, respectively.

    What people from Fairfield County know it means: Arguably the fiercest rivalry in the FCIACs. BRUTAL STUFF.

    14. Westport

    15. Lax

    16. Valencia

    17. The Sound

    18. 95

    19. Bluefish

    20. Alive at Five

    21. Fairfield County


    Greenwich's famous street is North Street, which has the notorious "White House." In a Garden Catering-induced haze, the writer incorrectly stated the street was named White Street.