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Martha Stewart Fixes Typos Like A Fucking Boss

Martha doesn't play around.

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Everyone knows that you do NOT want to mess with Martha Stewart. I mean, she's served time!

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Behind the cheery, warm facade is a hardened criminal who will TAKE. YOU. OUT. if you cross her.

So the autocorrect on Martha's iPhone should have known better when it messed up Martha's tweet while she visited The Today Show to film a segment on soups.

Jessica chastain on Today Show this morning I made far to coup from Martha Stewart living


Never mind that it looked like Martha took a picture of JESSICA FUCKING CHASTAIN with an iPhone 4S (srsly Martha, we know you can afford a new phone). What was more troubling was what she said in her tweet. Like WTH is a "far to coup"?

But like the true #BossLady she is, Martha made NO apologies and was quick to call out "spell check" (autocorrect, duh) on its BULLSHIT.

Sometimes spell check does its own thing Farro soup is what I typed !!!!!

And she went right back to being her normal self, bragging about how she's snagging pictures of an Oscar-nominated actress while she had some down time from filming her nationally televised soup segment. IQONIQ.

Actually my iPhone photo of Jessica Chastain was taken in the Today Show kitchen right before my segment about farro soup