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    We Guarantee These 18 French Bulldogs Will Actually Make You Smile

    This list is paw-fect.

    1. This lil pup who just wants to roll around in the grass with you:

    2. This happy little fur ball, who is just OVERJOYED to see you because you're that amazing:

    3. This Frenchie who just wants you to have the best day ever:

    4. This little guy, who wants you to know you deserve ALL the snacks:

    5. This little elf, who is way too excited for the holiday season:

    6. This shy little guy, who wants you to know you're perfect in every which way:

    7. This Frenchie, who knows you'll absolutely knock it out of the park today:

    8. This doggy, who only put on this outfit for your amusement:

    9. This deadly duo, who wants you to know you're AWESOME:

    10. This lil ball of fluff, who is ready to take on the day with you:

    11. This pupper, who will only get out of bed if you promise to go with him:

    12. This sleepy little nugget, who just wants to give you all the cuddles:

    13. This eager little pup, who wants to go on exciting adventures with you:

    14. This little monster, whose ears are a little too big for his head, but that just means he can hear how INCREDIBLE you are:

    15. This bundle of joy, who wants you to know you're the BEST and you shouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise:

    16. This hungry little fella, who just wants to chow down with you:

    17. This little cutie, who's questioning whether he's going to get coal, but knows you're the top of the Nice List:

    18. And finally, this sleepy little goofball, who can only dream of playing fetch with you because you're that special:

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