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26 Times Creed Bratton Was The Best Character On "The Office"

"I already won the lottery. I was born in the U-S-of-A, baby!"

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2. When he needed to work on his short-term memory:


6. When he displayed his uncanny knowledge of narcotics:

8. When he didn't really understand how dating works:


11. When he was the most progressive man in the office:


13. When he wanted to look a little perkier, but on a budget:

14. When he tried to play hooky, but it backfired big-time:

15. When he totally had his priorities straight:

16. When he didn't realize he was walking into a role-playing game:


17. When he might have shown that he knew a little *too* much about medicine:

18. When he just couldn't quite get anyone's name right:

19. When he issued this warning:

20. When he perfected his cartwheel:


21. When he put healthy eating first:

22. When he tried really, really hard to play it cool:

25. When he dropped this truth bomb: