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Finally We Know Why Coke And Diet Coke Taste So Much Better At McDonald's

Sip, sip, BISH.

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It's an indisputable fact that Coke and Diet Coke tastes way better at McDonald's than it does if you bought it at the store. I don't make the rules, it just does!


But I'm excited to tell you that there is actually a REASON McDonald's soda tastes so dang good — actually, several. Spoon University did a little digging into what makes us all so thirsty for their beverages, and found some interesting answers.

Funnily enough, McDonald's lists out a lot of reasons their soda tastes amazing on the FAQ section of the website.

It all starts with how the soda syrup is stored — in stainless steel containers, not plastic bags, which is typically the norm.


This helps "ensure its freshness." MMMMMMM.

Next, McDonald's filters its water differently (and more so) than most other fast food restaurants.

Clean water = tasty soda.

McDonald's keeps its soda extra chilly, which means happier taste buds.


Not only is the water used to mix the soda pre-chilled, but the fountain beverage system is also kept cold for better taste.

And the fast food company also PRE-CHILLS its syrup. The cold never bothered us anyway, especially our taste buds.


The syrup is already cold before it mixes with water and is dispensed.

Finally, I know straws are Public Enemy Number One right now, but McDonald's extra-wide straws make the last little bit of difference.

Since the straws are thicker than typical straws, more flavor hits your tongue every time you sip.

OK, who else is thirsty now?!


h/t Spoon University

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