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    19 Tweets That Are Guaranteed To Make You LOL, Smile, And Feel Warm And Fuzzy Or Your Money Back

    This is some #wholesome content.

    1. Look at this happy little reptile and his toy:

    Look how happy this gecko is with his little gecko toy

    2. Now you'll never see the world the same way again:

    3. Check out this inquisitive pupper:

    me: *stands up* my dog: oh word? where we going?

    4. You'll LOVE this perfect response from Carrie Fisher:

    in honor of mother's day never forget when carrie invented twitter

    5. And this Mother's Day sentiment too:

    if your mom has ever feed me, given me a ride somewhere, or let me stay in her house that's OUR mom so tell her i s…

    6. Just TRY not to beam at this hilarious sign:

    this is on a wall in my school and idk what teacher made it but i lose my shit everytime i pass it and i dont fucki…

    7. When memes take on a life of their own:

    The art school i go to had a sidewalk chalk drawing contest

    8. When you need to protect a doggo:

    9. Look closely, then you'll see it:

    10. I promise you, pressing "play" will be worth it:

    This is why we gotta appreciate black women...

    11. You'll read this, smile, and nod your head:

    12. You'll never see pasta the same way again:

    are we gonna talk about how baby sting rays look like haunted ravioli

    13. #RelationshipGoals:

    I didn't have a pic of my girl to put in my lil locket so I just drew her

    14. Sorry another dog tweet (actually not sorry):

    OH MY GODD He's looking straight at the camera with crossed paws this is the best photo I've taken

    15. Squee at this relatable baby hippo:

    When you scroll through your camera roll and find variations on a selfie

    16. *Sia voice*:

    Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight. I love

    17. LOL at this punny crime:

    BANK TELLER: to open an account I'll need a first name ME: Robin BT: and a last? ME: Dabanc BT: so ur Robin Dabanc Me: *slowly reveals gun*


    19. And this perfect tweet:

    All the Pringle ladies All the Pringle ladies All the Pringle ladies All the Pringle ladies Get their hands stuck

    Have a great day!


    h/t Twitter account @kalesalad, which retweets viral tweets (instead of stealing them).

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