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19 Tumblr Posts About "Chopped" That Are Both Gourmet And Hilarious

“You think Food Network really can’t afford a second ice cream machine for Chopped? Get real.”

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1. When this meme was perfectly applied to your favorite show:

2. Or this one:

3. When you realize there are basically only four types of Chopped contestants:

4. When the last 10 seconds of a round is a roller coaster of emotions:

5. When you can't help but LOL at what the judges have to say:

6. What you'd be like if you competed on Chopped:

7. When you think of ways to mess up big-time on the show:

8. When you want to print out and frame what Ted Allen had to say about potatoes:

9. When you're silently judging contestants' choices from the comfort of your couch:

10. When you realize THIS is your dream job:

11. When Ted says there are 60 seconds left on the clock and one of the contestants has yet to even attempt to get their food on the plate:

12. This hilarious observation:

13. When you're trying to figure out WHAT the hell judging criteria Alex was applying to this dish:

14. When Chopped low-key has you on the edge of your seat more than any HBO show:

15. "THE WONTONS!!!", Part One:

16. "THE WONTONS!!!", Part Two:

17. When Alex Guarneschelli was a MOOD:

18. British cooking shows vs. American cooking shows, in a nutshell:

19. And finally, this accurate description of you watching Chopped:

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