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    19 Hilarious "Chopped" Memes That Are Guaranteed To Make You LOL


    1. First and foremost, this is you whenever a contestant makes this rookie mistake:

    When the Chopped contestant goes to the ice cream machine

    2. Actually, this one applies too:

    When a contestant thinks they have time to cook risotto in the appetizer round on chopped.

    3. Like, why do contestants think they can get away with risotto? IT JUST ISN'T REALISTIC:

    4. When judges' faces make the best reaction images, bar none:

    5. When it comes to the dessert round and there are two types of Chopped chefs:

    6. Or you can envision this equally as hilarious scenario:

    7. When you've watched enough Chopped to realize there are just four types of contestants every episode:


    9. When you have moments in real life that make you realize you watch a little too much Food Network:

    Living alone has made me weirder than I ever thought possible. Just caught myself narrating my cooking as if I were a judge on Chopped like “I love how you’ve transformed the frozen green beans in this dish”

    10. Like...maybe it's time to watch something else. OR NOT:

    11. You can't even read the news without thinking of Chopped:

    12. When one of the chefs decides to share their "tragic backstory":

    13. It's a thing! But *WHY* is it a thing?! We may never know:

    14. When you picture yourself on the show:

    I don't get how the contestants on Chopped stop themselves from going "Yeah, it tastes bad because you made me cook with a pile of garbage."

    15. This drinking game for the show that you probably, definitely shouldn't try at home:

    16. When contestants try to get fancy with how they describe a dish:

    17. When Chopped isn't just a TV show, it's a way of life:

    So...Chopped says it’s on 38 seasons. But how does TV even work these days because I’ve seen every episode of Chopped and I’m only 28.

    18. You can literally even speak in Chopped lingo:

    19. And finally, let's wrap things up the way we started: With more way-too-real ice cream machine drama: