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    We Need To Talk About How Britney Spears Is Basically A Runway Model

    When did this happen?

    It's a widely known fact that nude painter/rice enthusiast/pop star Britney Spears is pretty much the BEST celebrity on none.

    Like, remember that time she googled a picture of corn and tried to pretend like she actually was enjoying eating it? Iconic.

    But Britney's latest habit on Instagram is so amazing, it proves that she's not here to make friends...she's here to win America's Next Top Model.


    For those of you who haven't noticed, for the past two months Britney has been uploading videos of herself walking down a makeshift runway in different outfits. Also, you need to have the volume ON for these, if only for Britney's iconic music choices.

    It's abundantly clear that Miss Spears didn't come to play — she came to slay.

    Everything about these videos is upending the conventions of the normally staid fashion industry — from the raw, gritty quality of the videos to Britney's poised yet athletic strut.

    All the other "models"? They're canceled.

    Britney is just strutting laps around them. It's not even fair!

    Look at that hot-mama, Grammy-winning, it's-Britney-bitch strut!

    Look at how HAPPY she looks!


    And even when she isn't strutting down her imaginary runway like she is stomping all over Kendall and Gigi...

    ...and two decades into her career, she still looks hotter than when you bite into a pizza fresh out of the oven and it burns the roof of your mouth. Yeah, THAT hot!

    Also, bonus points for the dog just chilling in this picture.

    Basically, Miss Britney is THAT chick. Life is your runway. Keep strutting, babe!


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