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15 Iconic Things That Happen At An Ariana Grande Concert

I went to the pint-sized pop star's Honeymoon Tour stop at The Forum, and this is what happened.

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1. You probably won't know who the openers are.

Cashmere Cat? Rixton? NEVER HEARD OF THEM. Not surprisingly, all of the teens in the audience (more on that later) definitely did!

But that's all fine. Let's be honest, we're here for one thing and one thing only: MISS ARIANA GRANDE.

2. So many teens will be there. Like SO many teens.

This really shouldn't be surprising; Grande herself is only 21 (and as many claim, looks even younger than that). When I told my teenage sister that I was at the show, she refused to talk to me the rest of the day out of jealousy. I'd say the average age of the audience was probably 16 and I felt positively geriatric in comparison. But regardless of age, we all had a BLAST.

Also, one of the teens in front of us knew ALL the words AND was absolutely crying at the end of the show. It was iconic.

3. (Also their parents will be there too.)

Some of them will be up dancing and singing with their kids (the mom next to us seemed to be having even MORE fun than her daughter, if that's even possible).

But some of them won't be! One dad in our row left as Ari was performing "Break Free" (HOW DARE HE!!!) and that was BEFORE "Problem" was even performed. I guess some people just don't like to have fun.

4. Everyone will be wearing cat ears!

Ari wears them, so you better be wearing them too! Except I wasn't. OH WELL.


5. Random celebs might be in the crowd!

Frankie Grande! Lance Bass! Lance Bass's husband! OK, I'm using the term "celebrity" rather loosely but WORK WITH ME.

TBH, I'm not sure if all the kids in the audience knew who Lance Bass really is (remember, N*SYNC disbanded 13 years ago, BEFORE many people in the audience were even born) which made me shed a metaphorical tear for the fleeting nature of time.

But I got over my sadness pretty quick, and I went back to dancing.

6. The concert will start out with a "Bang Bang."

Grande's collab with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj was the rousing opening number. And, impressively enough, Ari sang ALL three parts, but kind of petered out a bit when she attempted Nicki's verse. Really though, who can blame her. ONIKA SPITS FIRE.

7. The stage setup will just be OK, especially compared to other female pop stars.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

There really isn't much of a set — there's a screen at the back of the stage, but that's about it. At one point, Grande comes in on a cloud and later on, she enters the stage on a chandelier. Both are pretty cool but far as female pop stars go, aren't we kind of used to the INSANE set designs that have become the norm? This felt kind of like a middle school musical on steroids, not a major headlining tour. Props for trying, but WE WANT MORE.

8. Ari's vocals will actually be pretty decent live, TBH.

I saw her live at the VMAs last year when she performed "Break Free" and "Bang Bang"; back then she didn't sound too hot (maybe it was nerves; she was opening the entire show, after all). But on The Honeymoon Tour, Grande sounded decent on the bangers and great on the ballads. Girl can sing live (even while covering Whitney Houston, which is damn impressive), there's no doubt about that!


9. But (LOL) you won't understand every word she sings.

But LBH, not enunciating well is just part of her brand. Everyone was having too much of a good time to care, anyway.

10. And her dance moves? They'll be pretty slick.

Ari performed in crazy stilettos the entire show. I don't know HOW she didn't trip at any point during her set — like, did she learn to walk in heels or something? Girl has MOVES.

11. Even though Big Sean may not be there...he's like, still THERE.

OK, so for those of you who are NOT in the know: Big Sean is a rapper who ALSO is Ariana Grande's real-life boyfriend. He wasn't in the audience for the L.A. show but like...his presence is KNOWN. He's featured on Ari's songs "Best Mistake" and "Right There" both of which she performs on The Honeymoon Tour. During the performances, Big Sean is blown up on the screen that's at the back of the stage. Young love, I guess?

12. There might be a surprise guest performer...

Midway through the show, Ari teased a HUGE guest performer. The audience was FREAKING out, until she revealed it was David Foster. As in the 16-time Grammy winner and producer for countless music legends, including Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Josh Groban. BUT HE'S NOT A TEEN ICON. If anything, they might know him as the husband of one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Grande covered Houston's "I Have Nothing" from The Bodyguard soundtrack. Most of the teens around us sat down at this point (really the only point in the concert where anyone sat down), but the ladies sitting behind us who were older than us were HERE. FOR. IT.



OK so this wasn't a HUGE surprise. Justin ALSO showed up at Grande's Miami show in March, and one teen sitting in front of us told us he thought Justin Bieber might show up because of something he tweeted earlier in the day.

Let's just say the audience was a little more excited for Justin than they were for David Foster.

14. He could perform some of his hits, too!

Bieber performed The Weeknd's part of "Love Me Harder" (and didn't forget the lyrics, like he did in Miami) and ALSO sang "Where Are Ü Now" and "As Long As You Love Me" (Grande performed Big Sean's part, which is kind of cute) as part of his rehabilitation tour. Seeing Justin live...I totally GET what the craze is about. He's charismatic (the stadium almost collapsed when he flashed his abs), has crazy dance moves, and while his vocals were not exactly strong, he kept the audience going.

That being said, he nearly ruined all that goodwill when he awkwardly embraced Grande (she wiggled out of his arms). But I guess Justin is back? YOU BETTER BELIEB!!!

15. Ariana will close with her two biggest hits.

"Break Free" and "Problem" (the encore) closed out the show, and the audience was on their feet for both of the smash hits. And really... how could you not be?