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    Meet Life With Mak, The ASMR YouTuber Who Has Become A Super Popular Meme

    Meet Life of Mak, your newest internet sensation.

    This is Makenna. She's a 13-year-old eighth grader who splits her time between Colorado and Virginia.

    She has a popular ASMR YouTube channel called Life With Mak (which doesn't just stand for her name, but also the phrase "Meaning, Acceptance, and Kindness") that has more than 350,000 subscribers.

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    ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. For those of you who aren't familiar, it's a sort of "tingle response" (that's what Mak calls it) like when you get goose bumps from someone tickling you, only it's through your screen. The genre on YouTube is characterized by distinct, pleasing audio — it's more for your ears than your eyes.

    Recently, clips of Mak have gone viral on Twitter as memes — something the 13-year-old never expected.

    FYI, Mak told BuzzFeed this is the favorite meme of her that she's seen:

    Romeo drinking the poison because he thought Juliet was dead

    And my favorite is this Harry Potter-themed one:

    Ginny weasley opening the chamber of secrets and getting everyone killed

    Like, it's so good:

    Ginny pretending like nothing happened after Harry saves her and she goes back to normal

    But this might be a close runner up:

    For those of us over 21 who try and fail to behave responsibly on Friday nights, this one might ring a little too true:

    me: i’m not going to drink also me 10 min later:

    As does this one:

    me: i’ll come out but just for 1 drink, i have work in the morning me at 1am on my 12th vodka soda:

    Also, this one for anyone has called an Uber and had to down their drink FAST:

    And there are some other pretty good ones, too:

    when i’m bored so i start unnecessary drama

    For the Starbucks addicts out there, this one is TOO real:

    me drinking iced coffee on an empty stomach knowing it’s going to make me feel like shit

    And this one too:

    gays drinking iced coffee instead of eating any food

    And if you've ever worked retail, this one will probably make you go, "YUP!":

    Me on my lunch break watching my coworkers struggle because it got busy

    This one gets a little dark, but it's pretty damn true:

    Me inside my head: having an existential crisis Me on the outside:

    As does this one:

    me watching my own life fall apart wondering what’s going to happen next

    Yep, there's even a Beyoncé one. I mean, of COURSE there's a Beyoncé one:

    Beyoncé in the elevator when jayz and solange were fighting

    And finally, she's become SO iconic, people are squaring her off against the biggest name in ASMR, Spirit Payton AKA ASMRtheChew:


    OK, I'm officially obsessed with this meme, but I'd like to end things with some motivational words of acceptance from Mak herself, who seems wise beyond her years AND loves a good bargain. TBH I hope she runs for office one day. SHE HAS MY VOTE.

    Be sure to check out Mak's YouTube channel right here.