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    21 College Student Struggles Perfectly Described By Art History

    The art of LACMA is surprisingly relatable!

    1. When you realize that $150 textbook you have to buy was written by the professor teaching the class:

    2. When you go to your dorm bathroom after waking up from a hangover, look in the mirror, and see this:

    3. When you read the syllabus on the first day of classes and realize that attendance isn't going to be factored into your grade:

    4. When you haven't done laundry in two weeks and you're down to your last clean pair of undies:

    5. When you start a final paper at 10 p.m. the night before it's due:

    6. When you're about to head out on a Thursday night and you're really feeling your ~look~:

    7. When you're a senior and you see how young freshman look walking onto campus during the first week of classes:

    8. When you have a 9 a.m. class the night after going out and your professor calls on you even though you didn't raise your hand:

    9. When your roommate gets back wearing the same outfit they were wearing the night before and you look at them like this:

    10. When you have to bring home that one friend who was partying a little *too* hard:

    11. When you invite your crush from that one class over to your dorm room for a "study session":

    12. When it dawns on you how much you actually owe in student loans:

    13. When your crush walks into the house party that you're at:

    14. When you have to take that one music class to pass your Fine Arts requirement:

    15. When you attend a club meeting that you realistically have no interest in because there's going to be free pizza there:

    16. When you're trying to reason with your friend that texting their ex at 2 a.m. on a Friday is NOT a good idea:

    17. When the Uber calls and you're trying to round up your drunk friends to leave the pregame:

    18. When you go to your professor and try to have them raise your grade from a C+ to a B-.

    19. When you go to a theme party but it gets a little out of hand:

    20. When you're the only one doing the group assignment and the other two people in your group are gossiping in the corner like this:

    21. And finally, when you realize you actually have to graduate and find a job in the real world:

    With thanks to LACMA. Be sure to follow the museum on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (LACMA)!