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29 Kim Kardashian Memes That Are Too Damn Real

Kim just *GETS* it.

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1. When you're in school and procrastination seems like the best option:

2. When your relatives will not stop asking you questions:

3. When that one friend does THIS and you're like "SMDH":

4. When this disaster happened when you were a little kid:

5. When you gotta play it cool:

6. When you're really, really struggling to take the high road:

7. When your crush does this, and you question everything that is good in the world:

8. And then when this nightmare scenario transpires:

9. When you're just feeling your look:

10. When you know you look hot, but you have to be responsible:

11. When you die a little inside because whoever was riding shotgun did this:

12. When you've perfected the art of avoiding dumb conversations:

13. When this happens and you're like "RLLY?!":

14. When you grab your best mug because someone is brewing some HOT tea:

15. When you don't even mind that your face is giving it all away:

16. When you know Mom is about to put you on blast:

17. When people should really just know to either say it to your face, or just don't say it at all:

18. When you're the one that got away:

19. When that one person doesn't know any better, but you gonna torch them anyway:

20. When men are men, basically:

21. Actually, whenever you're around your man in general:

22. When what you think might be a "meet cute" fails to go down as planned:

23. When you're dying a little inside but you're playing it off like you're fine:

24. When the FOMO is a little too real:

25. When you've got champagne taste on a Bud Light budget:

26. When your mom could have a *little* more chill:

27. When this happened and you were like, "Drinks are on me tonight!":

28. When stupid people ask stupid questions:

29. And finally, when your life is in shambles and you just need to get your shit together: