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Katie Hopkins Retweeted Me And These Are Some Of The Nutters Who Liked/Retweed My Tweet


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Now, firstly let me explain. This was just a pun opportunity I saw whilst hungover in bed. Obviously I deplore the attack, I deplore the demonisation of Muslims and I deplore Katie Hopkins. But I suppose that wasn't obvious, and her followers seemed to think I was on their side. As did Katie herself who immediately re tweeted it (and replied with two kisses). Then a load of nutters in turn liked/re tweeted my tweet. Their bio's are hilarious...

'Satanic Globalist Diatribe'

CharlieTheChump Nice ampersand work ('& Bloody Lucky')

@megabussurvivor I like how you are exasperated by the BS feminist narrative. Not just tired, exasperated.

Chris Williams I think you just need sum 1 to love you


living dead: Those 12 years in Milton Keynes must have been fun. I like cats too.

Christine Quigley: An ellipses should only have 4 dots. Make of that what you will...

Kevin: Welcome back from Canada/Mexico after 8 years of Obama

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